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HP ProLiant servers 

HP server solutions from the ProLiant series are some of the most popular servers due to their performance and relatively small size. Thanks to this, they offer a multiplicity of applications, depending on the selected utility profile. HP servers are an excellent choice for small companies, where the efficiency of data transfer is important, but they also prove useful wherever a lot of data packets need to be stored in the uninterrupted operation mode.  

HP servers in the ProLiant line come in several versions, and in our offer there are those of the 7th, 8th and 9th generation, adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs. The feature that influences the common use of these servers is their small size in correlation to the possibilities offered. Intel Xeon processors contained in HP servers guarantee excellent quality of operation of the device, provided for applications in the IT environment.  

Among the HP servers available in our offer you will find complete machines equipped with the necessary components, including good quality RAM operating in DDR3 or DDR4 format. Thanks to this you can choose equipment which is suitable for storing large amounts of data and making it available in continuous operation, while at the same time being energy efficient. With continuous operation, even small differences in power consumption make a big difference - after all, a server works continuously for many years. That is why it makes sense to choose proven solutions that save energy.

Servers for companies

HP brand servers from the ProLiant series are devices created in dual-core and multi-core technology, ensuring a stable working environment in any company. The product series also includes small servers with high MicroServer capabilities with ECC RAM, which supports control of transferred files and enables their repair in real time. This solution affects the stability of the server, making it well suited for continuous data operation. 

Among the servers recommended for companies in the corporate dimension, you will find 8th generation ProLiant servers that are equipped with SATA drives. These enable excellent storage quality for large amounts of data. Thanks to a well-chosen RAM bone, you get a device that is ready for continuous operation, responds quickly to requests and allows you to manage data parcels efficiently.

HP servers - offer 

Among the HP servers recommended to entrepreneurs, it is worth paying attention to the adaptation of the product to work on large data parcels. When choosing an HP server for your company, check the parameters of individual components and select a device that will ensure efficient operation and at the same time will prove to be an energy-efficient solution adapted to continuous operation over many years.

HP servers are equipped with good quality components that ensure smooth functioning of all subassemblies, affecting the stability of server operation. It is worth paying attention to the RAM memory used in servers - in this case it is good to choose capacious bones, which may or may not be characterised by a sufficiently high clock rate. An advantageous option is the use of ECC RAM, which affects the stability of the system and improves the quality of work of the device. 
Servers should also operate on components with adequate cooling. The continuous operation of the server requires efficient cooling and at the same time energy-saving solutions. In our offer you will find the best HP server solutions that will enable you to introduce an efficient data management system. Choose an HP server from the ProLiant series to run your business with maximum efficiency.  

The small HP devices can be used both in small enterprises and as data storage stations, wherever it is necessary to collect large data packages. Due to the possibility of exchanging individual components, you can easily adapt the server to your needs, and we will help you select all the necessary components.